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NorthEast Metal Spinning
Of all the techniques used in metal forming, metal spinning is one of the least known but produces some of the most interesting shapes , most companies spend an excessive amount of time and money to get the forms they need at their favorite sheet metal shops. However metal spinning is much more than just bending metal.
Company Profile
Northeast Metal Spinning has been respected in the metal spinning industry for 50 years. Our capabilities include anything from 1 prototype to long production runs .We are based in Atkinson N.H. in a 15,000 S.F. facility and have the ability to increase manufacturing space if necessary.
Aluminum Spinning
Aluminum Metal spinning is our specialty. It is the most commonly used metal in spinning due to its workability. Aluminum Spinning produces some of the most elaborate and exact metal spinning.
Copper/Brass Spinning
Both copper spinning and brass spinning are common metal spinning choices. These materials are easily spun and are the choice for most ornamental spinning and decorative metal spinning. Some examples of copper spinning and brass metal spinning are copper balls, copper cones, copper hemispheres, copper finials, copper lighting, copper chandeliers.
Stainless Steel Spinning
Stainless steel is the material of choice for spinning jobs that require strength, hardness and its non corrosive properties. Some of the examples of stainless spinning are stainless steel covers, stainless steel flanged and dished heads , stainless steel baffles, and stainless steel parabolic dishes.
Steel Spinning
Steel has a very wide number of uses in metal spinning .Our Steel Spinning is manufactured using many different thickness and alloy combinations. Some examples of steel metal spinning are steel covers, steel balls, steel cones, steel flanged and dished heads , steel domes, steel rings , steel chandelier, steel lighting baffles, and steel vacuum units.
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